Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.
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Use of the service

Where can I find an e-scooter from Euskooters?

Just (1) download the Euskooters App available both in the App Store and in Google Play Store, (2) find through the App the e-scooter or “Euskooter” closest to your location and (3) start enjoying the journey by activating the Euskooter through the App! Thanks to our geolocation technology you will be able to know which scooters are closest to you and at what distance, as well as checking how much battery each has.

How do I activate an Euskooter?

Once you have downloaded our App on your mobile phone and you have located or booked an Euskooter near your location (by the way, remember to have the location activated in the settings of your phone every time you use the App!), you just have to get to the e-scooter, use the “Scan your Euskooter” button, visible at the bottom of the map, and unlock the vehicle by scanning your QR code through the camera of your mobile phone or by manually inserting the code number that appears on the card where the code is located. If you have not established any payment method in the “Wallet” section of your profile yet, the App will request it at this time. The process is very simple, fast and safe. If you already have a payment method registered, the trip will start automatically. Now place your mobile phone in the stand enabled on the e-scooter, get on the Euskooter, get a run-up, click the acceleration button of the e-scooter and, enjoy!


Any doubt about how to activate the Euskooter? Access the section “How to use” in your profile on the App or click on the “i” symbol, permanently visible on the screen, where we show you these indications in a graphic way. Don’t worry, it’s very easy!

Where can I ride by e-scooter?

Our greater objective is that you enjoy the Euskooters experience to the fullest, as long as you respect the limits of the urban area indicated on the map visible in the App. This is an area within which we permanently show you friendly or enabled areas to ride on a e-scooter, coloured in green. These routes generally correspond to bicycle lanes and roadways limited to a maximum of 30 kilometers per hour. Please avoid routes that are coloured in red on the map, as they are prohibited or restricted areas of circulation to e-scooter such as sidewalks, streets or pedestrian areas.

The Euskooters App includes all the indications to circulate correctly in e-scooters around the city. On the one hand, we will do everything possible so that you do not exceed the limits of the area of ​​circulation allowed, through notifications and emerging notices; on the other hand, we will help you avoid red coloured areas, indicating and recommending you friendly routes to circulate on e-scooters based on the touristic location on the map you would like to visit. However, we need your prudence and collaboration, so please be diligent in the use of the service, respecting pedestrians and other users of the public road.

Yes, you read it right: you can use the Euskooters App as a map and know how to get to your desired destination through the best route by e-scooter, as well as knowing how far you are from it and the estimated time of the trip (to use this option on the App, please read the following FAQ: “How to get to the touristic locations”).

Once the journey is started, you will have at all times the navigation data available on the screen: distance traveled, journey time, CO2 not emitted, battery life of the e-scooter, amount of the route, ID of the Euskooter, as well as the SOS button in case there is any incidence. If you prefer, you can hide this information to better see the map (with green and red areas) and, at the end of the journey, you can consult it in the trip detail, which will be stored in your “History” of the App.

How to get to the touristic locations

Euskooters shows you on the map the location of the most important places of interest in the city: museums, churches, monuments, emblematic buildings, bridges, ephemeris, etc. By clicking on each of these points you can discover cultural information and other interesting content such as its history and peculiarities, contact information and photographs.


In addition, when clicking on a touristic location, and then on the symbol that corresponds to a white triangle within a red circle, the navigation data about the route will appear from your location to the selected place, indicating distance, estimated time, and additional navigation data. If you wish, you can carry out this journey by unlocking the Euskooter. For your convenience, you have a list of these places in the App so you can view all of them in a faster way. Create your own route and explore with Euskooters!


Since, in case you are a tourist and you want to discover the city on an e-scooter, you probably do not know which roads are the most suitable and recommended to get to the places you are interested in, Euskooters will make it easy for you: it will show you the nicest routes to travel on an e-scooter and reach the chosen touristic destination.


To be able to access this content, when registering in the App you must have activated the option “I want to see the places of interest”. You can also activate and deactivate this option whenever you want in the “Settings” section of your profile.


With Euskooters you will get to know the city in a comfortable, fun, flexible and fast way, dedicating more time to enjoy, for example, the Basque cuisine and its traditions.

Parking: Where do I park the Euskooter?

In the Euskooters App you can locate all the parking places enabled to park your e-scooter, marked on the map with the “P” symbol. Safety and coexistence with pedestrians are essential for us, so parking the Euskooter outside these parking spaces may entail a surcharge on your user profile of EUR 25 and suspension of the account. Before applying any penalty, the App generates reminders about parking the e-scooter correctly. Please, collaborate with us complying with the rules and respecting the rest of the users of the public road.

How do I park the Euskooter?

Once you decide to finish your journey and you have located the closest parking place of the ones indicated in the map, you will only have to use the “Finish” button and park the Euskooter in the following way:

You will have these indications available whenever you need to consult them in the App by clicking on the “i” symbol, permanently visible, or by accessing the “How to use” section in your profile

Basic user manual

You can consult this graphic manual or informative Splash whenever you want in the App, either using the “i” symbol or in the “How to use” section in your profile.

Here are the basic rules you should keep in mind before uploading to an Euskooter:

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Only ONE person per e-scooter.
  • You are responsible for your trip and how you use the Euskooter, so pay close attention to your surroundings.
  • It is essential that you comply with the rules of the municipal ordinance or other local legislation corresponding to the city in which you circulate with Euskooters, in addition to the traffic regulations published by the Traffic Department. We help you to know them in the Basic Use Manual and we provide you with all possible indications in the App regarding the circulation of the e-scooters and their parking.
  • You must be over 16 years old.
  • Circulate with great caution, according to the indications of the App, and never circulate on the sidewalk or at a speed exceeding 25 km/h.
  • Park only at the places indicated on the map of the App.
  • Although the Euskooter experience is very attractive and fun, remember that the e-scooter is not a toy, but an electric vehicle for personal mobility.

Service Price and Collection Policy

How much does a trip cost?

The unlocking fee for an Euskooter is 0.95 Euros (VAT included), while the one-minute fee will be 0.15 Euros (VAT included). You will always have these prices indicated in the App, as well as the amount consumed during your trip and the end of it in the “Journey detail”.

Which are the different payment methods? How is the journey paid?

The Euskooters App provides a Balance in which you can add money through methods within the “Wallet” section in your profile: credit or debit card, managing in this case the payments through the Stripe payment gateway, in order to guarantee the maximum security; and PayPal. You can add the amount you choose or those that are preset in the App: 5, 10 or 20 Euros.

In the “Wallet” you can configure your payment methods, as well as add or remove credit or debit cards whenever you want.

In case you do not have any established payment method in the moment you start your first journey with Euskooters, we will ask you to include one. Once you have completed this step, you will get everything ready to start enjoying.

Attention! If you have any money in your Balance, this payment method will be applied and, if you have any promotion available in your profile, it will be applied automatically when you unlock an Euskooter and start your journey (check the PROMOTIONS section of these FAQ for get more information). The journey will end automatically once the funds in your Balance have been expended).

Error in the collection

If you find an unknown Euskooters charge on your credit/debit card, Balance or bank account, you can access the button “Incidence in the collection” both through the “Wallet” section of the App and in the detail of each trip, also available in your “History”. Besides, “SOS” button includes the possibility of reporting an incidence of collection. In this way you can explain your case and the reason for your claim in a precise manner. Automatically, the notice will come to our team, who will be happy to rectify this charge once your case is properly investigated.

Can I check my routes? How can I get the journey receipt?

At the end of each journey all the details of the trip will be shown: the route taken, the distance travelled, the grams of CO2 not emitted, the duration of the journey, the applicable price of the service, as well as a shortcut button to the journey receipt, which is automatically generated and sent to your e-mail address.

In addition, you can always check the History of your trips by accessing the section in your profile of the App, where you can find all the information about the trips made with Euskooters, including the receipt of each journey as well as filter the trips made by dates for greater comfort.

Possible surcharge and/or account suspension

In the event that you exceed the limits of the allowed circulation urban area delimited in the App, you will receive successive notifications generated in order to warn you that the Euskooter is circulating outside the permitted area and to advise you to return immediately to the circulation map if you do not want be penalized with the suspension of your Euskooters account.

In case you have incorrectly parked the e-scooter, a surcharge of EUR 25 will be applied to the credit/debit card or bank account associated with your profile if you finish your journey in the App parking the Euskooter outside the authorized parking areas, indicated in the App with the symbol “P” (regardless of whether in this case you are inside the permitted area of ​​circulation). In addition, if the user recurs in this case, his Euskooters account will be suspended.

Please avoid these penalties, we make it very easy for you!

Service Incidents

What to do if I suffer a theft of the Euskooter during the journey

First of all, calm down. You can easily use the “SOS” button (always visible in the App and also included as a section of your profile), selecting the incidence “Theft” of the drop-down in order to send us your report and details about the incident in the “Description” section enabled, which will help us a lot. You also have the option to include photos of the place or any other aspect you consider relevant when reporting the incident.

We willl take care of the rest. Our security personnel will go immediately to your location in order to assist you in whatever is necessary and to begin the search for the Euskooter, a matter of which you do not have to worry. As for the journey, which will remain active in the App, you only have to click on “Finish”. We will reimburse you, in a maximum period of 24 hours, the part of the trip that you have not made.

Euskooter without battery

When you open the App to find an Euskooter near your location, we show you the battery level of each and every one of them so that you can take into account this aspect depending on which route you plan to make. The Euskooters that have a low battery level are removed by our staff for their load, since we always want to assure our users the enjoyment of the service. However, if you run out of battery before completing your journey, the e-scooter will stop working. To let us know and continue enjoying your journey with another Euskooter, please use the “SOS” button, selecting “No battery” option from the drop-down menu and clicking “Send”, and we will automatically receive the notification and go to Immediate to replace the e-scooter. You can provide details when reporting this incident in the section “Description” enabled for it, as well as attach the photos you consider necessary to complete the description.

You do not have to wait for us, unless you want to ask something about the service to the personnel that comes to replace the e-scooter, which can help you in whatever you need. You only have to finish the active journey through the App, then choose another Euskooter near your location and start a new journey to continue enjoying the adventure.

Calm down! We take care of managing, reviewing and adapting, within a maximum period of 24 hours, the amount of your trip in accordance with the real time you have enjoyed.

Damaged Euskooter

Euskooters has permanently available personnel dedicated to the maintenance of the e-scooters and the correct provision of our service, since what matters most to us is that you enjoy the experience to the fullest. In any case, if any technical incident occurs and the e-scooter breaks down during the journey, use the “SOS” button of the App, selecting the option “Breakdown” from the drop-down menu and clicking on “Send”, adding a description if you wish. In addition, you will have the option of attaching a photo and specifying the damaged areas of the vehicle by clicking on the corresponding area of ​​the e-scooter that we show you within this section. We will automatically receive the notice and our staff will immediately replace the e-scooter.

You do not have to wait for us, unless you want to consult some aspect of the service to the person who comes to replace the e-scooter, who can help you in what you need. You only have to finish the active journey through the App, then choose another Euskooter near your location and start a new journey to continue enjoying a trip.

Do not worry! We manage, review and adapt, within a maximum period of 24 hours, the amount of your journey according to the actual time it has lasted without you having to handle any claim.

What if as a result of the breakdown of the e-scooter the user suffers an accident? Please, check the FAQ “What to do in case of an accident”.

Why can not I unlock the Euskooter?

Once you have found or booked an Euskooters near your location on the map, unlock the vehicle by scanning the QR code through the camera of your mobile phone or by manually entering the number that appears on the plate where the code is located. If there is poor visibility, you can turn on the flashlight using the button enabled for it in the App.

If the QR code is damaged and / or the numerical series is not displayed correctly, use the “SOS” button to report this incident, selecting “Unlock problem” and clicking on “Send”, including a description or photos of the QR if you consider it necessary. Try another Euskooter near your location to start a new journey!

What to do in case of an accident?

First of all, do not panic. You just have to use the “SOS” button, selecting “Accident” option and send us the incident, providing a description in the section enabled for it, including the photographs you consider. Our staff will immediately go to the point where you are to assist you in all that is necessary. You can also call us at the phone number provided in the App.

Claims and complaints

For any claim or complaint outside the assumptions indicated above, please write to us at or call us at +34 685 73 55 27.


“Invite your friends”

This promotion is permanent and you can find it by accessing your profile in the App, in the section “My promotions”, where you can share via e-mail or WhatsApp with the friend that you choose the invitation code that appears, redeemable for 5 minutes free on your first trip, which will mean free minutes for you too! This promotion works like this: when your friend uses the invitation code that you have shared – once the App is downloaded and registered -, accessing the “My promotions” section of your profile and adding the received code, you can use it by unlocking your first Euskooter . At that time, we will notify you through the App that your friend has made use of the code and we will inform you that on your next trip you will also enjoy your free 5 minutes, since this promotion will be automatically added to your profile. The more friends you invite, the more minutes for free!

If either of you (your friend or you) do not consume the 5 minutes of the promotion because the journey has a shorter duration, the unused minutes will be exchanged for money that will be accumulated in the Balance of your Wallet in order to use it as payment in future trips.

You can share the promotional code of “Invite your friends” with as many friends as you want!


Minimum age for the use of Euskooters

If you are under 16, you will not be able to use our service. Sorry about that!

Do I have to wear a helmet?

If you are a minor, it is mandatory. From the age of 18, we highly recommend it.

Bad condition of the e-scooter before starting the journey: What do I do?

Euskooters has permanently available personnel dedicated to the maintenance of the e-scooters and the correct provision of our service, since what matters most to us is that you enjoy. In any case, if any technical incident occurs and the e-scooter breaks down before starting the journey, use the “SOS” button of the App, scan or manually enter the QR code of the e-scooter in poor condition through the space enabled for it and select the option “Fault”, marking the affected zone/s of the e-scooter if you wish and / or adding a description. We will automatically receive the notice, with our staff immediately replacing the e-scooter. You do not have to wait for us, unless you want to consult some aspect of the service to the person who comes to replace the e-scooter, who can help you in what you need. If you wish, you can choose another e-scooter near your location through the App. Thank you very much for collaborating with us!

Terms and conditions of the service

You can access the Terms and Conditions of use of our service by clicking on the following link:

Our Terms and Conditions are permanently accessible in the App Euskooters, within the section “Terms and Conditions” and on our website (

Your Personal Information

Privacy Policy: What do we process your data for?

The protection of your personal data is important to us. We process your data in order to offer you a quality service and to keep you informed about our promotions. Also, if you decide it, we can send you personalized commercial communications. In our Privacy Policy you can consult in detail for what we process the personal data that you provide us through the App and/or the website and, you can access it whenever you want in our Euskooters App and on our website (

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